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Accounting Department

The Accounting Department undertakes high-level studies on theoretical comprehension of accounting science, as well as on their practical application. The department is popular, with a particularly high input of students each year due to the exceptional professional prospects of the graduates, and the quality of material, technical infrastructure, activities, and teaching staff provided by the department.


The graduates acquire the essential knowledge for employment as a free-lance professional, or as an executive in the private/public sector, in positions such as an accountant, tax consultant, controller, accounts manager, financial adviser-analyst, or a teacher. More specifically, the department’s graduates are qualified to deal with:

monitoring, observation and briefing of accounting books, according to the current tax legislation and EGLS;

syntax and checking of economic forms;

syntax and checking of all tax statements;

application of internal and external control processes;

application of cost accounting and syntax of budgets;

evaluation of investments;

syntax of financial analyses and estimates;

providing financial advices and development of financial studies;

finding staff of all education levels in the equivalent cognitive objects.