Department of Information Management

Information Management is the production and the exploitation of methods and knowledge from the fields of Information Technology, Business Administration and Economics, aiming at the exploitation of modern technology and computers to profit people and enterprises. The following sectors present particular interest for the department:

computer programming, database and internet applications;

business administration information systems;

experienced systems and decision support systems;

operational research and statistics;

exploitation of modern technology in the business organisation and administration;

electronic trade and electronic enterprising.



The mission of the department is to promote the transmission and the development of knowledge in technology and science, via teaching and applied research, and to provide students with the necessary skills for professional career development. The department aims to:

develop the students’ abilities and skills that will make them competitive in the national and international environment;

monitor international developments in science and education and be adaptable to changing educational, economic and social conditions at national and international environment;

undertake technological and applied research;

develop partnerships with other higher educational institutes in Greece and abroad.



Graduates of the department, based on specialised scientific and technical knowledge in the context of their profession, either as as individuals or collaborating with other scientists, integrated commercial and organisations in the private/public sector, are capable of:

considering, determining and management of the flow of information;

applying methods for the secure use and storage of data;

studying, preserving and managing modern technological tools; 

considering, implementing and managing IT systems;

analysing, planning, implementing, managing, evaluating information systems, computer applications and IT projects;

designing, developing, installing, maintaining, managing and using software applications;  

applying modern scientific and technological methods and administrative practices in organisation and business management at operational and strategic level;

preparing, evaluating and implementing investments in projects, sustainability plans;

implementing standards and have the right to bookkeeping accounts and signing, in accordance with applicable law.


Graduates can:

be employed in all levels of education in matters of expertise according to the current laws;

carry out research and development in the cognitive subject, always in accordance with applicable law each time;

perform any other activity that arises with the development of information science and technology covered by the cognitive subject.