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Department of Forestry and Management of Natural Environment

Education in the science of forestry is available in Greece since 1917, with the foundation of the first Higher Faculty of Forestry in Athens. Its goal was the education of scientists on the protection and better exploitation of forests. Today in Greece there are two departments of Academic Education (the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment in Thessaloniki and the Department of Forestry and Management of Environment and Natural resources in Orestias) and three departments of Technological Education (the Department of Forestry in the Kavala Institute of Technology, the Department of Forestry in the Lamia Institute of Technology the Department of Forestry in the Larissa Institute of Technology).

The institute’s Department of Forestry and Management of Natural Environment in Drama was founded in 1985. It functioned at first in the facilities of the Multi-cycleLyceum of the city, but moved in 2001 to privately-owned facilities.



Studies cover the application of techniques, biology and economics in the continuous production and multifunctional management and protection of natural ecosystems as well as in the maintenance, upgrade and protection of the natural environment.



The department’s mission is to promote the growth and the transmission of knowledge in the science, the technology and the techniques that are applied in forestry and in natural environment, through teaching and applied research. The department:

monitors the international developments in scientific, educational and professional sector;

develops collaborations with higher educational institutes both at home and abroad;

collaborates with productive units, work environments and other institutes, that are effective in the field;

collaborates with ecological, environmental, nature and other such organisations;

uses modern technologies in education;

carries out applied research for the protection and improvement of Natural Environment, as well as ecological, forestal and environmental research;

provides the students the possibility to develop abilities and dexterities that render them capable and competitive on the national and international level;

educates the students on sensitive on issues such as protection and improvement of the natural and wider environment;

monitors the developments and changes in educational, economic and social conditions in the regional, national and international environment;

is ready to accept, analyse and incorporate new opinions aiming at guaranteeing and improving the quality of studies in the department.



Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of department have acquired the essential scientific and technological knowledge, abilities and dexterities, to work as foresters and administrators in the following sectors:

development or contribution in the development of all kinds of forestal and environmental studies, that concern the management, opening up and protection of land natural ecosystems of (forests, forestal extents etc), as well as the management and protection of Natural Environment (studies of management of biotopes, protected Natural regions, special environmental studies etc);

management, protection, organisation and operation of forestal ecosystems, protected regions, urban, suburban greenland, forestal nurseries, reforestation programs, basins of flow, shelters and hunting regions, mountainous pasture lands, eco-tourist installations and facilities etc;

planning, study, manufacture, maintenance and operation of all kinds of technical infrastructure in the forestal space;

planning and implementation of forestal work;

study the hydrologic and hydraulic parameters of mountainous open natural conductors;

study of phenomena and management of basins of flow and cones of deposition;

management of snow and shelters - Growth and application of methods for the improvement of increase and production of timber, harvest and rational use of timber, forestal products, treatment and marketing of all the above;

control of quality and appropriateness, as well as distribution and transformation of products (direct and indirect) that is produced by the continuous exploitation of renewable forestal resources;

application of methods and techniques of rectification and re-establishment of downgraded land natural ecosystems;

development and application of programmes of inventory, mapping of natural resources and follow-up of land natural ecosystems (Monitoring) with use of telescopic and Geographic Systems of Computer specialists (GSP);

growth and application of systems of follow-up and estimate of environmental repercussions of work and activities in the natural environment;

application of methods and techniques of operational research, policy and administration for the growth of renewable resources;

application of systems and methods of prevention and confrontation of Forestal Fires;

development and application of programs of plant improvement;

planning and application of programs of applied research that concerns the total of activities in natural land ecosystems;

advise on subjects of environmental policy and monitoring of application of provisions of environmental legislation and specifications of environmental compatibility of work of activities in the land natural ecosystems;

crewing of services the Public and Private Sector, where their object is the planning and the application of programs of protection, growth and generally management of natural environment as well as the implementation public and private work that concerns in the natural environment;

planning, organisation and benefit of environmental education in the first degree and secondary education the public and private sector;

production and marketing of multiplicative material for forestal trees and bushes;

utilisation and marketing of plant-protection substances of forestal interest;

growth and application of technology in the all sectors of cognitive object of Forestry.