Home Department of Landscape Architecture

The curriculum of the Department of Landscape Architecture covers the application of the technical, biological, physical and economic sciences in sustainable and multifunctional management, improvement and protection of urban and suburban landscape and the natural ecosystems, and maintenance and enhancement of the natural and landscaped environment.



The department's mission is to promote the development and transmission of relevant sciences, technologies and techniques in teaching and applied research and provide the students with the necessary high-level training for scientific and professional career development.


As part of its mission, the department:

monitors international developments in science, education and vocational training;

collaborates with relevant organisations and institutions such as higher education institutions, production units, ecological and environmental organisations in Greece and abroad.

protects and enhances the natural, suburban and urban environment as well, and

conducts applied ecological and environmental research;

develops the students abilities and skills to ensure that are competent and competitive on national and international levels and can raise awareness of design issues, and protect and improve the natural, suburban, urban and wider environment;

monitors developments in the educational, economic and social conditions in the regional, national and international environment.