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Oenology and Beverage Technology Department

Today, scientific farming, new methods of winemaking, and production of new varieties of wine, indicate that workflow vine-wine-marketing should be streamlined. The production of wine and other beverages should use the most modern methods within a competitive framework in order to enhance exports. This department aims at training high-level executives to attain qualitative and quantitative knowledge and skills to enable them to meet the high demands of today's market, which mainly concerns the production, processing and marketing of grapes and other raw materials of agricultural origin. In particular, graduates will be involved in the establishment and cultivation of vines, will process the materials for agricultural products that may undergo fermentation, and process distillation products of fermentation for the production of these beverages. Graduates will also be able to analyse these products and sell them. Finally, they will learn to organise and operate a winery and wine-making units.


Studies include the application of biological and physical sciences to the processing of grapes and other raw materials of agricultural origin that may undergo fermentation, and the distillation products of these fermentations for the production of beverages. The studies include theoretical instruction, laboratory exercises, tutorials, seminars, visits to places of production and development operations with an emphasis on case studies and participatory work. Special emphasis is given in the development of personal skills of students, including development of initiatives and capacity to solve problems.

The main subjects of the department include courses of general infrastructure and biological sciences such as chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, biotechnology, viticulture and subjects, such as morphology and physiology, or specific viticulture issues. In particular specialty items include basic science, technology and quality control of wines and beverages.

Special group classes include the subjects of administration, economy and legislation, which is necessary for the organisation and administration of companies, laboratories and agencies associated with this specialisation. The duration of study is eight (8) semesters, as stated in Presidential Decree 227/1995 (130/t.A '/ 20.6.1995).

During the last semester it is mandatory to undertake work experience in companies or organisations in the private or public sector (wineries, distilleries, oenological laboratories and analytical work, business oenological equipment, etc.), and the study will be completed with a thesis in any of the relevant subjects.

A full list of studies are described in PD 561/198.


Upon completion of their studies, graduates will possess the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills to operate professionally as Oenologists or Beverage Technologists, particularly in the following areas:

Production, processing, quality control and quality assurance, certification of quality and suitability of products in wine and products brewing, distilling and other beverages.

Packaging, storage, maintenance, distribution and marketing of wines and beverages.

Tour operators in wine and brewery and distillery business.

Establishment and operation of tasting wine-making workshops, laboratories for the analysis of beverages and wine-making control and waste water.

Design and implementation of research and development and preparation of business plans in every field of oenology and beverage technology.

Technical support issues relating to environmental and legal obligations of wines and beverages at the national and international level.

Study and design of wine, beer and beverage industries.

Collecting and doing teamwork with other specialists for planting and cultivating vineyards, rendering and waste processing of wine and beverage industries.